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Removal of Lincoln’s Inn Fields internal railings – correspondence with Fiona Dean

The Friends protested against the removal of the railings at a local area meeting to Councillors.  The view at the meeting at which several Fields users spoke was clearly in favour of retaining the railings.  There ensued the following exchange … Continue reading

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Removal of Railings – initial correspondence with Camden Council

Camden Council first alerted the Friends to imminent removal of the railings in this email to the Secretary Walter Hand of 1 June 2011 from Gabi Howard, Parks Engagement Manager. It’s worth noting that Camden’s time line suggests that invitations … Continue reading

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Internal railings at Lincoln’s Inn Fields – Camden Council’s plans to remove them

Lincoln’s Inn Fields has been divided into internal quadrants for over 100 years.  This helps different uses of the Fields to happen at the same time without interfering with each other.  People can walk around the outside, play ball games, … Continue reading

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