Use of Lincoln’s Inn Fields

As Friends of Lincoln’s Inn Fields we have an interest in the Park and how it is utilised for events.  The Friends came about due to the extensive, and as it turned out, unlawful use of the Fields as a site for large scale commercial events, with tree height marquees, late night corporate entertaining and even on one occasion a night-time fairground.

During House of Lords hearings it was established that the original conditions laid down in the 1894 London County Council (Improvements) Act still stood and that an organisation such as FLIF should be created to in part monitor this.

Initial requests to use the Fields are made to Camden in the first instance and after it has been vetted by them we are then approached for our views.

Our role is to ensure that the Fields continue to be used appropriately for the benefit of all users and that commercial events may no longer operate as they once did. Our criteria for approval of events is fairly straightforward;

· Events should be charitable or local in nature
· They should not substantially limit use of the Fields by others
· They should not be large i.e. not exceed one quadrant
· Structures should only be small and not floored, and should utilise the hard-standing
· No events that damage the grass e.g. Fire Walking
· No cooking e.g. barbeques
· Music is acceptable but not amplified sound
· They should abide by the Fields bye-law i.e. finish at dusk when the park closes
· Commercial events should be limited solely to filming where it does not impinge on other users

By applying these criteria we have managed to ensure that commercial interests do not over-ride those of Park users while at the same time providing opportunities for the Fields to be used in numerous different, interesting and beneficial ways.



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