Police cordon on Lincoln’s Inn Fields following armed robbery

Police cordon Lincoln's Inn Fields

We heard a couple of loud bangs this morning at around 0800 – it appears that it may have been someone with a gun robbing Ladbrokes betting shop on Kingsway.  The suspect(s) apparently fled through the Fields.  A police cordon is in operation at the NW corner of the Fields as they gather evidence – a sniffer dog was in earlier and presumably found something dropped. Cordon expected to be lifted by about 1500.  No indication that anyone was hurt, mercifully.  People are being let through the cordon one by one or being asked to use rear entrances on Whetstone Park.

UPDATE – The Evening Standard has a little more info.

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Community meeting to discuss street feeding of homeless people in Lincoln’s Inn Fields – minutes



Introduction and Background/Aim of the event

What is the Council’s position

What are the facts about homelessness and rough sleeping in this locality

What are the alternatives to soup runs?


Update from Faith Group Coordinator

Update from Streetsafe and Fact sheet

Questions and concerns from the LIF local Community

Response from providers

Open session Qs from the floor

What are the next steps




Providers urged to coordinate activities more effectively via the Housing Justice Soup Run Forum, including developing a rota which helps to target efforts more effectively, reduces duplication and creates a cleaner and safer environment.


All providers to adhere to the Soup Run Forum voluntary code of conduct and promote its use wherever possible among providers.

All providers to consider if they have access to a building facility within their local area in order to distribute food and holistic support in a safe, dignified and effective manner. Supporting a local homeless project is another useful measure; the Faith Based Groups Coordination Project can help with this. All providers to consider other measures which encourage and support LIF users in accessing appropriate help in their local area. http://www.homelesslondon.org is a useful resource.

All providers urged to reflect on the increased risk to service users which is generated by large groups congregating at LIF. Reports have been received of drug dealing and of adult safeguarding issues. All crimes should be reported on 999.

Streetsafe to produce information leaflet for soup run attendees. This will include information on where to go if you are homeless in Camden.

In addition it will contain information on existing provision including where to access food banks in local areas. LSE have agreed to trial being a point of contact for the information.

All to consider measures to engage “hit and run” providers in order that they attend the Soup Run Forum and sign up to the code of conduct. Soup run providers also asked to report any environmental issues or anti social behaviour to the Council on 0207 974 4444 and the Safer Streets Team on 0207 833 7970. Any information as to the identity or contact details of providers operating outside of the Forum code of conduct should be sent to guy.arnold@camden.gov.uk and rose.hickman@passage.org.uk

Providers urged to remove all waste in the immediate vicinity of their soup run and take it away with them, once their activities have ceased for the evening.

Camden Council to consider installing additional bin capacity at LIF.

All providers urged to assist the successful “No second night out” project by displaying NSNO poster in their respective churches or facilities. All providers urged to look at alternative ways that volunteers can contribute to tackling homelessness, including taking up volunteering opportunities at No second night out and with other organisations which are active in the sector such as Housing Justice and CRI.

All to consider a follow up meeting at LSE in 3 months time (Dec/Jan)

Ideas on how the impact of the LIF activity on the community can be reduced or the activity rationalised and made more effective are welcomed and these can be tabled at the next meeting. Please send these to:

Guy.arnold@camden.gov.uk (Camden Council – Community Presence Manager)

Jane.harbord@camden.gov.uk (Camden Council – Street Population Services Co-ordinator)

Saul.freeman@cri.org.uk (Camden’s StreetSafe)

Rose.hickman@passage.org.uk (Faith Based Groups Coordination Project at The Passage)



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Filming in local streets today

I received a note through the door yesterday giving 24 hours notice of yet more  local film crews, this time filming in Carey Street, Lincoln’s Inn Fields , Serle Street and Portugal Street.  I have spoken with the location manager. There will be one quick shot in the Fields as it closes, using hand held equipment only this is being done with co-operation from the council and the park keeper.

There will also be some filming at night in Whetstone Park from late afternoon to midnight, which will be supported by lighting.  The filming will be at the East end of Whetstone Park.


slim film and tv

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Huge crowd of cyclists for #spaceforcyclists protest

A remarkable crowd gathered apparently spontaneously in Lincoln’s Inn Fields last night to protest the death of a cyclist on High Holborn.


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Air ambulance takes off from Lincoln’s Inn Fields

The air ambulance attended today following a collision between a cyclist and a  construction lorry on High Holborn near the junction with Kingsway.  Sadly this turned out to be fatal for the cyclist and the helicopter took off apparently empty.

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Air ambulance lands in Lincoln’s Inn Fields

At about 0930 the London air ambulance landed in the Fields


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Giant crane in Lincoln’s Inn Fields

LTM 1500-8.1 monster crane

LTM 1500-8.1 monster crane

This vast crane was assembled in LIF over the weekend of 15-16 June to lift the cabins from the Africa House building site (project value £22 million, over-running its original Autumn 2012 completion date).

The huge machine (pictured here just as set up was finished) was required for its long reach – it had to stretch 90 metres to grab the cabins at the North of Gate Street and perform the operation in one go.  Otherwise the builders would have required four or so weekend closures to get all the cabins out.

For the machinery fans out there it’s a Liebherr 1500-8.1, I think one of the biggest road-mobile cranes in the country:

The eight-axle LTM 1500-8.1 is equipped with a 7-section, 84 m telescopic boom. The lifting capacities are increased considerably due to the jib-suspension. The lattice jib, reaching lengths of up to 91 m, extends the operating range of the 500-tonner to 142 m hoisting height and 108 m reach.

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