post Holi celebrations in Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Paint throwing and general Krishna praising was in full swing on the Fields this afternoon a day or two after Holi day.  I hope they clear up the paint.  At the risk of being curmudgeonly this is probably in breach of local by-laws.


Tweed invasion

 The Fields were invaded by a hundred or so tweed-wearers on bicycles today from the London Tweed Run.  It was all quite surreal with penny-farthings a plenty.

Soane Museum – new gallery and ‘Stadia’ exhibition

It's a big day for the Soane as they open their new temporary exhibition space, the first leg of their refurbishment.  The new exhibition is Olympic inspired - on Stadia From the religious sporting competitions of ancient Greece and the often bloody games of the imperial Roman circus through to the modern sporting arena the …