Terrace Restaurant to become ‘Lincoln’s Bar and Kitchen’ operated by Benugo in association with Soane Museum

The long saga of The Terrace restaurant has moved on another iteration with news that it is to become Lincoln's Bar and Kitchen.  Finchannel.com says: 'The 88-cover restaurant, in which Benugo will invest £500,000 in the redesign and the refurbishment of the building, is set to open in July in conjunction with Camden’s historic Sir …


Tweed invasion

 The Fields were invaded by a hundred or so tweed-wearers on bicycles today from the London Tweed Run.  It was all quite surreal with penny-farthings a plenty.

Hedges and masterplan

The new hedge and fence on three corners of the park is part of a plan to protect the grass from people walking diagonally across the Fields.  It was kind of obvious that when the railings were removed that people would walk across on the shortest possible route.  Even through the shrubberies.   The ground was …