Annual General Meeting 2011 – minutes

Friends of Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

5.30pm on Wednesday 8th June 2011

Committee Rooms
Royal College of Surgeons

Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Amanda Rigby & Robert McCracken

Minutes of the last General Meeting

The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted as being a correct account of the proceedings and duly signed off by the Treasurer

Chairman’s report

The Secretary gave the report listing the actions and achievements of FLIF over the last year.

Once again there had been no marquees in the Fields and if that was the sole achievement of FLIF then it had done its job.

FLIF had been consulted on a number of occasions for events in the park and had adopted a positive, yet sceptical approach utilising the criteria we had set ourselves of events being charitable not commercial, limited in scope and beneficial to all the users of the Fields.

FLIF had also been consulted in regard to enhancement works Chancery Lane where we were broadly in favour but concerned that the planned pedestrianisation would force vehicles via the Fields and create a ‘rat run’. In the event the full works were not undertaken so this was not an issue.

The work around the exterior of the Fields had been completed with new paving, streetlights, less ‘street clutter’ and the motorbike bay moved.

Following our walk rounds of the Fields with Camden some small measure of the Bio-diversity work had taken place with a strip left unmown to allow insects to proliferate hence attracting birds.

FLIF also purchased and planted a number of climbing plants to help hide wire fencing around the tennis court. Camden undertook to maintain these

There had been little progress on reducing film vehicles in the area or any further headway with the Terrace restaurant.

There had been numerous changes with properties in the area. Land Registry have moved and the LSE has purchased this as additional teaching space. At number 61 work is taking place on a Members Only hotel and 63 will become the new headquarters of the Royal College of Radiologists. Number 5 will be a family home for Mr & Mrs Perrin and they are warmly welcomed for re-introducing a family home in the Fields. At the Soane’s Museum work is being undertaken to improve access.

Finally he thanked the Committee members for their support and commitment over the last year

Treasurers Report

The Financial situation was similar to last year. Due to the provision of services in kind, minimal expenditure had been incurred over the year however there was one key expenditure namely the purchase of climbing plants for the Fields

There being no questions the Accounts were proposed by Jill Gibson and seconded by Sue Palmer, and were duly signed off

Election of Committee Members

The riparian organisations nominated their existing representatives with the exception of the Honourable Society of Lincolns’ Inn where Murray Campbell took over for Col Hills

Robert, Noreen and Peter were all proposed and re-elected

Date of the first Committee meeting

To be agreed by the Committee

Extra item

There then followed a discussion re recent plans to undertake landscaping work in the Fields which had come to light via local residents. In essence this meant the replacing of tarmac with bonded gravel and the removal of the interior railings. The Secretary had provided a display of the proposed changes along with the original plan derived from a consultation with English Heritage in 2008. Substantial discussion took place and a vote was taken to gauge the depth of feeling against the removal of railings. There were 12 against, 1 for and the rest were abstentions. Julian Robinson proposed that FLIF send a letter outlining our concerns and a wish to have a legitimate consultation

The meeting was followed by a very enjoyable, well researched and informative talk given by the Treasurer, Peter Dodge regarding the 1711 Queen Ann Churches, followed by a lovely walk to two of the nearby ones, this being a small test run for his forthcoming walk to which everyone was invited.


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