Parking in Lincoln’s Inn Fields – £44,500 per annum for Camden Council from Pay and Display machines

This post is rounding up background information on parking policy to help make sense of Camden’s parking policy review.  The annual parking bible Parking and Enforcement report 2010 says:

Most aspects of Camden’s parking regime are being reviewed in 2010/11, with a view to simplifying arrangements. The way in which a particular part of the service is offered is being examined and alternatives are being considered. Account is being taken of practices and policies in neighbouring authorities, to see where differences in approach can be minimised so as to promote a common motoring experience in central London as far as possible.

3.1.2. The review has the following goals:

• To be fairer and more proportionate, with greater customer focus.
• To improve transparency for all users.
• To improve operational efficiency leading to cost savings.
• To deliver wider council transport policy objectives in fulfilment of the purpose of parking and traffic regulations (see the box in section 1.1).
• To balance the needs of different users. The Parking and Enforcement Plan sets out how different needs are balanced, particularly with reference to the hierarchy of parking need.

The outcomes of the parking policy review will be dealt with in next year’s Annual Parking and Enforcement Report.

These reports normally come out in October.  Camden has a helpful if hard to find resource page with its annual parking and enforcement plans, reports policies etc.

In the Holborn area the current state of play according to Camden Council’s website is:

A review of parking and loading in the Holborn area was carried out in 2007, in consultation with local residents and businesses.

As a result we increased the amount of parking and loading provision on the side roads off High Holborn for people wishing to park for short periods of time and those making deliveries in the area.

They also provide a pdf leaflet with a map and guidance to the bewildering array of symbols.

There are many Pay and Display ticket machines and bays around Lincoln’s Inn Fields.  The ticket machines between them yielded £44,542.97 in FY201-2011 according to Camden’s data in response to an FOI request. The full spreadsheet of all Camden’s Pay and Display machines is here.  Having the full spreadsheet gives context. The revenue from the Fields  is relatively small in the context of the over £9 million parking income from Camden Pay and Display machines – the three machines on Hatton Garden alone rake in over £120,000.  If you seek to rent a private parking space in the Holborn area this costs between £3,500 and £5,000 per annum.

Camden has often rented parking spaces to film production companies at below market rents to  use the area as a depot for filming elsewhere in central London.  The film companies frequently block the road and pavement parking three deep, their generators are noisy and their staff messy.  Overall this diminishes the amenity of the Fields and deprives companies elsewhere in Camden closer to filming locations of rent they could charge film crews.  The paltry revenues received were not targeted at the Fields and did not make up for the loss of amenity.  Our understanding is that Cllr Fulbrook has sought to put a stop to this on Camden land.

We welcome any suggestions for new or additional information and will update this article as more emerges.


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