Minutes 10 November 2011 – Friends of Lincoln’s Inn Fields – FLIF

Minutes of the FLIF meeting held on Thursday 10th November 2011

Present: Robert McCracken (Chair)
Noreen Kent
Peter Dodge
Walter Hand

Apologies: Sue Palmer
David Hills
Keith Clarkson
Amanda Rigby

Outstanding Items from previous meeting

Interior Railings. Following the correspondence Robert had with Camden he subsequently had a meeting with Cllr Fulbrook and received the questionnaire results for our files

The future plans for the Terrace were discussed at a meeting. Comments were recorded but we now await the next step

Prior to the meeting there was a short walk around the Fields to look at the work being undertaken. Tarmaced surface is being reduced particularly in the centre. The parking area of the Terrace has been substantially reduced

FLIF Website update

The new website created by William is extremely good and has a great deal of good information particularly relating to the railings issue. However it is up to everyone on the committee to provide fresh and interesting content so that it remains live and of interest to our members. It also needs to be publicised and Walter will do this with the renewal letters

Action – All WH

Suggestion for campaign to re-instate part of the railings

Miray Kester has written to her MP and to Camden Councillors to complain about the removal of the railings and to see if they could be re-instated.  Cllr Fulbrook has supported her request suggesting a limited length of railing be provided in the South West corner to allow Fields (Pop-up exhibition for teachers to utilise). Miray asked if FLIF could support the campaign.

FLIF are happy to support this proposal albeit without any direct campaigning efforts. The issue could be highlighted on our website. Walter to respond to Miray

Action – All /PD

Where now with the Terrace restaurant

Following the consultation and the note that we received back from Camden things seem to have gone a little quiet. WH to draft a letter asking for an update on progress and also mentioning that we are pleased to see that as part of the current works in the Park the parking & bin area has been dramatically reduced

Action – WH

Place plan for St Giles to Holborn

WH to draft a letter saying thanks for providing us with this information, we are pleased to see that they recognise the importance of green area to people working in the area and it is important that such green areas are maintained in their current form to be enjoyed by all

Action – WH

Update on buildings around the Fields

WH met the MD and the future GM of Club Quarters for an update on their property. The main Building works are nearing completion then the fitting out will take place but the key elements discussed with us i.e. no car parking, taxis only etc. have all remained in place

LSE have started work on the Land Registry. The entrance will actually be on the side down the alleyway between the College and Land Registry in order to allow access from both the Fields and Portugal street

63 LIF which is the Radiologists future home. Just been informed their plans have been amended to add a different entrance (WH will send round details)

Action – WH

Any other Urgent Business

Climate event in Camden involves a suggestion to camp out overnight in the Fields. Robert will write back to the Councillors to indicate sympathy but to re-affirm our objections to any out of hours activities which might encourage a return to the bad old days of ‘cardboard city’

LSE event was discussed and given that it is non-profit making, charitable in nature and does not restrict other users it was agreed to support the application

Robert suggested that he would try to arrange an opportunity for us to go and dine in the Great Hall of Lincoln’s Inn

Action – RM

Date of next meeting

Thu 16th February at 4.30pm


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