Abuse of Lincoln’s Inn Fields by film crews, again

Camden Council inexpliably remains keen for the film industry to be able to film in the borough.  It takes rent for parking bays, denying revenue to local traders who could let commercial space to crews if they weren’t undercut by the Council.  Allowing large catering vehicles to park also robs revenue from local cafes.

All too often the film crews in Lincoln’s Inn Fields who hire parking bays abuse the roads by parking all over the place.  The last few days have been particularly egregious as these photos show.  This is a long running issue.  After lunch, I found an amenable traffic warden – he said that he had raised the issue with his line management that morning, who raised it with Camden, but they hadn’t heard back.  I persuaded him that the illegally parked vehicles could be ticketed, which I think he did.  however the crews cynically park their trailed vehicles in the road and detatch the tractor units, then remove the number plates from the trailers.  This makes it nearly impossible to ticket the trailers.

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Robert McCracken, Chair of the Friends said:

I found a car parked in the park itself at about 8 a.m. I insisted that it was moved.
Heavy articulated vehicles were parked on the bonded gravel footway at the NE corner.
A tanker/bowzer was parked in the taxi bay.

I raised it with Cllr Julian Fullbrook who works on the Fields, Julian raised it with Fiona Dean, who passed it to the Arts Team:

Dear Cllr Fulbrook and Mr Perrin,

Thank you for alerting us to problems at LIF yesterday with the film crew.

You are quite right in your suggestion that that wasn’t how they were supposed to be parking. Thank you also for the images its really useful to be able to have direct evidence of what was happening.
The crew finished yesterday and there isn’t anyone due in for the rest of this month yet, so at least we won’t have a repeat with the same crew today.

We’re following this up with the location manager today and will be making our displeasure very clear.

We are assuming that he had far more vehicles than he was expecting, and as an experienced location manager he should have contacted us immediately to source alternative spaces.
We’ve spent some time and effort reiterating our expectations of film crews in this area, and the location manager is someone we’ve worked with before without any recent problems, so this is a real disappointment, and we’re really sorry for any negative impact it had.

Once we know more about what went wrong we will take relevant action, which may be warning the location manager against further breeches or making it clear that we won’t be welcoming him into the borough or the area again. We also have the sanction to share this information with other boroughs.

Relevant parking tickets will be issued, and we’ll make sure they are all carried through.

I’m not aware of who you spoke to on site, but often the crews will be hired for the day technicians who are often not the most eloquent or informative, so I’m sorry they probably weren’t much help on the day.

As previously discussed you can call the film office or e mail them directly when there is a problem and they’ll be able to rectify it faster.

Caroline Jenkinson
Head of Arts and Tourism
Arts and Tourism
Culture and Sport
Culture and Environment
London Borough of Camden


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