New bins, temporary and permanent coming to LIF

I chatted to workmen spraying green and yellow blobs at strategic points around the fields.  They are preparing to put in new bins both to meet the long term need for more refuse disposal and some temporary ones for the Olympics period.  The permanent bins will be of cast iron.  The temporary bins will be black plastic Topsys ‘Topsy Jubilee is a Victoriana-style litter bin, manufactured in Durapol® material with a stylish textured finish.‘  Locations will be weighted to the sunnier bits of the Fields.

It only takes a cursory inspection of the refuse that piles up on a sunny day to see that it comes from one or two local chain sandwich bars and the two local supermarkets.  These businesses profit from the proximity of a lovely place for their customers to picnic, it’s a shame that they don’t make a contribution to the upkeep of the Fields.



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