Minutes of the FLIF meeting held on Thursday 25th October 2012


Robert McCracken (Chair)
Sue Palmer

Peter Dodge

William Perrin
Fran Perrin
Julian Robinson
Amanda Rigby
Walter Hand

Apologies: Noreen Kent
Mary Kerr

Outstanding Items from previous meeting


William had spoken with the film companies directly regarding their parking as well as parking attendants. Robert will investigate further film vehicle parking/double parking

Walter still asked to draft letter to Frank Dobson inviting him to visit the Fields

No 6 LIF still has planning enforcement issues. BBC currently using the building

Terrace Restaurant Update

Consultation has taken place and generally felt that Camden seemed to have taken on board the comments and concerns regarding the facility being a service to the park users rather than an opportunity for revenue generation.

Currently notice has gone out advising that a lease is being offered for a refreshment facility. Belated copy sent by WH to committee by e-mail

Feeding stations and street people

Following a recent attempt at a ‘sleep-in’ Robert felt that FLIF should inform Camden of our concerns in order that they act now to prevent the issue becoming unmanageable.
FLIF are not averse to charity and in the current financial climate the need is understandable. It is important we do not revert to tent city and (while street feeding may not be the ideal way to support the homeless, as to which we do not need to have a policy) we need to have an agreed view/policy on street feeding in LIF.
• Numbers not excessive
• Rubbish and mess cleared up
• Within certain hours

Any other Urgent Business

North West Quadrant of the Fields grass has got very worn on evident desire lines occurring due to the removal of railings.
Jessica will, we hope, be arranging for some hedging being placed in the corners to reduce this problem and the damage it causes

Will and Fran are helping a community group in regard to external drinking around the Ship public house. The publican has no right to allow this

Julian asked if there was any planning permission for the large umbrellas in the courtyard of the hotel. His concern was that once established there is nothing to prevent these umbrellas being replaced with ones containing advertising. Walter to contact Camden planning department

Date of next meeting

In 2012

• Following meeting in Soanes in January. Sue will offer a date


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