Ladbrokes Kingsway armed robber pleads guilty

Police cordon Lincoln's Inn Fields

Readers will recall that an area of the Fields was cordoned off in November 2013 after an armed robbery at the Ladbrokes on Kingsway.  The robber was caught and entered a guilty plea.  The Islington Gazette says:

‘As Rossi made off, he dropped the shotgun twice and it discharged into the road. He also dropped the umbrella and black cable ties at the scene, which were later recovered by police.

Detectives from the Flying Squad identified Rossi on the CCTV at the bookmakers and arrested him later that day.’

Worth reading the newspaper coverage of the trial – startlingly bungled affair where the robber took off his balaclava in the shop to find his shotgun which he had hidden in an umbrella.  And then tried to get away on a bicycle apparently at the corner of the Fields, where police conducted an intensive search.


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