Lincoln’s Inn Fields transport disruptions during the Olympics

During the Olympics Russell Square is the transport shuttle point for the world’s press to the Olympic sites.  Every day about 5,000 journalists will trek from Russell Square mainly out East to Stratford and back again.  This will no doubt be good news for local pubs and bars.  There will be a knock-on effect for people who use, live or work near Lincoln’s Inn Fields.   The chart above is the TfL forecast for disruption at Holborn tube (as at 12 June 2012) which is also a handy way to get to and from Stratford on the Central Line – note extreme overcrowding in the evenings with ‘longer than 30 minute wait to board a service‘ extending well beyond the usual rush hour.

Camden and TfL have provided a map of road changes in the area – this extract shows how the entrances to the Fields will be changed (as of 12/6/2012).

UPDATE – 18/6/12 we have unearthed a more recent ORN diagram click here

Taxis are a popular form of transport around the Fields and the map requires close study – also for delivery drivers.  In particular you won’t be able to do a right turn from Kingsway into Remnant Street and traffic flow on Kingsway will be diminished by the presence of the 0600-0000 Olympic Zil Lane.  So if coming from the South in a cab or truck you will have to take the wriggly route from the Chancery Lane area.  I also wonder if the no right turn from Great Queen into Kingsway won’t mean a fair amount of traffic coming across to the Fields, doing a lap and exiting via Sardinia Street onto Kingsway.

Parking bays in the Russell Square area will be suspended so LIF places will be at a premium.  There will be a fleet of 90 buses running the shuttle and an Olympic route will run up and down Kingsway alongside Lincoln’s Inn Fields.  It appears also that the Kingsway underpass will be reversed, which makes a lot of sense to distribute traffic on both sides of the river.

Camden Council says:

Media transport hub, Russell Square

What is the media transport hub?

The media transport hub will be located in and around Russell Square and operated by the London Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG). The hub is the pick up and drop off area, which will be used by accredited media who are staying in accommodation around Bloomsbury, to travel to and from Olympic venues by shuttle bus.

How many people will be using the hub each day?

Approximately 5,000 people will use the hub on the busiest days of the Games.

When will the media transport hub operate?

The hub will operate between 10 July and 15 August 2012. Some restrictions will be in place shortly before, during and after this period. The levels of activity will be as follows:

1-9 July – No shuttle buses running, but some access restrictions will be in place while temporary structures are installed.
10-12 July – Some shuttle buses running to test the operation of the hub.
13-24 July – Shuttle buses running at 60-70 percent of the rull operation to provide pre-Games service.
25 July – 15 August – Fully operational. During this period, shuttle buses will travel to and from the Olympic venues at regular intervals. The service will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the busiest times likely to be between 6-10am and 6-10pm. There will be reduced services outside of these hours.
16-31 August – No shuttle buses running, but some restrictions still in place while structures and signs are removed.


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