Road closures for Margaret Thatchers funeral

thatcher funeral road closure areas from 0730Margaret Thatchers funeral tomorrow will see closure of Fleet Street and the Strand from at least 0730 to as late as 1500. The Holborn traffic circulation relies on these two arteries so there will be much congestion in the roads around the Fields.  It isn’t yet clear if/how traffic will get to the Fields.

Closures will be in place from 0730 – full details on the special TFL page, check there for most up to date stuff – areas in red are affected by closures on the picture to the left from TfL/MPS.

Note in particular that on TfLs map Kingsway Southbound looks like it will be closed from Holborn Station and possibly closed altogether. Light traffic will apparently be allowed across Waterloo bridge and into the underpass to go North it seems .

Roads west of Aldwych are expected to reopen by midday, Aldwych and roads to the east are expected to reopen by 15:00.

Looking at the map I can’t quite work out how any traffic will be able to get to Lincoln’s Inn Fields at all – unless it goes over the river and comes back over Waterloo Bridge and through the underpass.  But as the Olympics showed there is no guarantee that the right turn off Kingsway will operate. Will ask TfL.

Also don’t rely on Boris bikes several local points will be suspended

‘Bouverie Street, Temple
Chancery Lane, Holborn
Carey Street, Holborn
Milford Lane, Temple
Houghton Street, Strand
Kingsway Southbound, Strand
Kingsway, Covent Garden’

Buses will also be in disarray.

Probably time to dust off those home working plans.


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